About us

Paşa Kebab is located in Turkey's paradise; Fethiye, where blue meets green and everything is possible.

Paşa Kebap is the result of 30 years of vision, effort and skill, it is the fruit of much hard work which started in Kilis continued in İstanbul and for 15 years now here in Fethiye.

Paşa Kebab has a proud history of passing recipes and knowledge down through generations from father to son.

Our aim is to provide excellent kebab dishes, we strive to provide a vision of carefully selected gastronomy. The vision we have is absolute, nothing will stand in the way of our objective, to deliver to our customers the delicious, first class, award winning food we produce for their delectation.

Paşa Kebap aspires to be one of '' Michelin's star restaurants'' and join other masters of excellent food providers. Looking at the success and reputation we have built over the years, together with your support and our passion, we are confidant it is possible .

Your support is invaluable you can do this by telling us of any thoughts you have about our menu and our service. Offering you the best service possible and the highest quality cuisine is what we strive to do, listening to and acting on your ideas we are assured we continue to improve in all aspects of service.

We started in Kilis and İstanbul, now we are here in beautiful Fethıye., we make our bread and are honored to serve it to you here. Enjoy your meal!